Delivering Fresh Organic Vegetables from Our Farm to Your Door

Looking for the convenience of home delivery combined with healthy eating? We can deliver certified organic fruits and vegetables to your doorstep every week. We provide a good variety of vegetables and or fruit  depending on seasonal availability and price. During the summer season Thistle Farm provides most of the produce for the boxes from our 10 acre farm or we buy from local producers. During the winter months, once local supply is exhausted, we access our produce through a distributor in Vancouver.

All our produce is certified through the North Okanagan Organic Producers Association (NOOA) and the Certified Organic Association of British Columbia. (COABC)

We deliver our boxes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of our customers and offer a variety of  sizes and combinations.  We are also currently offering Bellringer Organic and Fair Trade coffee in addition to our fruit and veg boxes. Please click on Home Delivery tab for more info.